Recent Publications

From Policy to Implementation: A Net Zero Playbook for Investors

While climate awareness is essential for all investors, others seek to be more ambitious by adopting a net zero goal for their portfolios. This paper explains the rationale for doing so and outlines an approach for target setting and implementation. A net zero policy focuses on decarbonizing the real economy. Investors have two powerful levers to do this: (1) stewardship and engagement; and (2) climate solution investments.

The Work of a Lifetime: Spend-Down Funds

A growing number of institutions and families are choosing to spend down assets over a limited time, rather than investing in perpetuity. There are valid arguments for—and against—using a spend-down approach to achieve philanthropic and investment goals. This paper provides historical context for spend-down funds, considers nuances for achieving good governance, and suggests an approach for dynamic asset allocation strategy, with case studies as illustrations.

Sustainable and Impact Investing 2022: Insights and Perspectives

In our 2022 Sustainable and Impact Investing Survey, we reached out to Cambridge Associates clients for insights into how investors are thinking about sustainable and impact investing, as well as to identify changes in the field over the past two years and to understand possible future trends. Of the 144 clients who responded, 93 reported engaging in sustainable and impact investing, and this chart book explores trends in the investment structure, implementation strategies, and governance and measurement of sustainable and impact investing.

Monthly Publications

Tactical CA House Views

Highlights our latest portfolio advice and reviews notable data for over 50 asset classes/sub-strategies, with key charts and views from our asset class specialists. Read a short introduction →

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Market Matters: December 31, 2022

Monthly review of market action with the key charts for the month and a snapshot of index performance in major currencies

Quarterly Publications

CA’s house view and advice, written by our Chief Investment Strategist, Celia Dallas

Summarizes asset allocation and total investment performance for over 400 of Cambridge Associates’ endowment and foundation clients

Hedge Fund Update: Fourth Quarter 2022

Insights from the leaders of our hedge fund research on what drove performance in the quarter

US Manager Universe Statistics: Third Quarter 2022

Presents quarterly representative long-only and hedge fund manager performance.

Benchmark Commentary

Analysis of the performance shown in our private investment benchmarks