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Asia Insights: Playing Defense

Asian markets have had a difficult year, but while the current environment has been challenging for most investments, it has also created an opportunity for more defensive and diversifying strategies to add value. In this edition of Asia Insights, we focus on the case for Asia quality strategies within public equities; increased interest in India and Southeast Asia venture capital markets; private infrastructure and private credit as defensive strategies; and the value in Asia macro and equity long/short.

Can the Strong US Dollar Environment Persist?

Yes. The hawkish Federal Reserve and energy market challenges have contributed to a strengthening of the US dollar in recent quarters, and we expect that trends in both factors may continue to be supportive of the dollar in the short term. Nonetheless, on a longer horizon, historical precedents suggest that the dollar is approaching the end of a multiyear bull run.

Ethereum’s Merge Is a Transformational Event, but Don’t Expect Digital Assets Prices to Come Out of Their Slump

A major Ethereum blockchain software upgrade was successfully completed earlier today, marking a landmark event for the digital assets industry. The upgrade, known as the “merge,” changes how transactions are verified on Ethereum’s blockchain and dramatically improves its energy efficiency. While this is welcome news, we doubt this means the rout in digital assets prices is over in the near term, as macro headwinds continue to be the most important factor driving prices.

Right-Sizing Private Investments for the Evolving Pension

Most defined benefit plans–including public, multi-employer, and even frozen corporate plans–can benefit from private investment (PI) strategies. Despite this, many plan sponsors still abruptly cut off PI commitments or do not optimize their usage as the plan matures. This paper explores how plan sponsors should utilize PI strategies within their toolkit and customize their composition over time to reflect a plan’s evolving goals.

Is the United States in a Recession? Labor Market Focus

Currently, there is an active debate about whether the United States is in a recession. Two quarters of negative GDP fits one definition of a recession; however, the National Bureau of Economic Research looks at a greater expanse of data before making its assessment. In this note, we examine some of this data, dig into other line items in the national accounts, and look at historical trends in employment around recessions to further our understanding and put today’s labor market into context.

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Market Matters: August 31, 2022

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Hedge Fund Update: Second Quarter 2022

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US Manager Universe Statistics: Second Quarter 2022

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