Recent Publications

College and University Flash Statistics Report: Fiscal Year 2023

The College and University Flash Statistics Report provides a first look at the results of our 2023 College and University Investment Pool Returns survey. Included in the report are investment pool returns and asset allocation for 160 colleges and universities. Look for our full annual analysis in the upcoming College and University Investment Pool Returns report to be published later this winter.

Is All Growth Investing “Growth Equity”?

No. In recent years, many private investment fund managers have painted themselves with a growth equity brush. Limited partners need to be increasingly diligent to determine if they are accessing the truly differentiated and attractive investment profile offered by actual growth equity.

Do Shifting US-China Geopolitics Create Investment Opportunities Elsewhere in Asia?

Yes, US-China geopolitical realities are already having an impact on trade and investment flows within Asia. China will remain an important destination for investor capital, but the shift in capital flows, alongside positive domestic structural developments in other parts of Asia, create investment opportunities beyond China that deserve a closer look.

Pool Hopping: ERISA-Regulated Defined Benefit Plans May Have More Private Investing Flexibility Than They Realize

Many defined benefit (DB) plan sponsors have concerns that the longer-term lockups required for private investments (PI) preclude them from taking advantage of this asset class. However, an exemption exists that allows ERISA-governed DB plans to transfer their PI programs to a separate investment pool if they need to—without liquidating them or sacrificing returns.

Monthly Publications

Tactical CA House Views

Highlights our latest portfolio advice and reviews notable data for over 50 asset classes/sub-strategies, with key charts and views from our asset class specialists. Read a short introduction →

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Market Matters: November 30, 2023

Monthly review of market action with the key charts for the month and a snapshot of index performance in major currencies

Quarterly Publications

CA’s house view and advice, written by our Chief Investment Strategist, Celia Dallas

Summarizes asset allocation and total investment performance for over 400 of Cambridge Associates’ endowment and foundation clients

Hedge Fund Update: Fourth Quarter 2022

Insights from the leaders of our hedge fund research on what drove performance in the quarter

US Manager Universe Statistics: Second Quarter 2023

Presents quarterly representative long-only and hedge fund manager performance.

Benchmark Commentary

Analysis of the performance shown in our private investment benchmarks